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[VIDEO]: Composting Toilet: The Legal and Easiest way

Composting toilet: the game changer

We have been testing this basic composting toilet for two months: it’s great! It’s easy, functional, it doesn’t smell and saves a huge amount of water. With this toilet we are able to consume 210 times less water than with an old style flushing toilet!

How much water goes in flushing?

When it comes to water consumption it must be taken into account that the highest amount of water we consume daily is for our food. Indeed, in order to produce vegetables, cereals, milk eggs, any kind of food, the main input is water. Meat is the food requiring the highest amount of water –click here to learn more on the topic.

But let’s focus on the water we directly consume in our daily life. We do not need much for drinking, on average 1.5L/day, but we do use a lot of water for showering, in Europe on average 90L/day, and flushing up to 63L/day in Europe and 100L/day in the United States -these data vary a lot according to the age of the toilet. In a year, this amounts to some 36.500L of water per person with the least efficient toilets, and 10.950L with the most recent ones.

According to our test, this composting toilet requires about 10 litres of water per week in order to clean it -which makes about 520L per year- for three people. Basically, with composting toilet we consume only 174 litres of water per person per year. Basically, using this composting toilet we consume 210 times less water than using an old flushing toilet and 63 times less water than the average flushing toilet on the market in 2020.






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