Everything Is Connected

This series is an original creation of ETISM – Everything that is Sustainable: a new and young way of looking at sustainability: finding links between topics that might not seem related.
Giacomo and Mathilde will guide you through some of the hot topics of sustainability giving you new and interesting perspectives.
What’s special about this series? Our podcasts are the result of a long process of scientific research which allows us to collect a great amount of data. We want to share all this with you. This is why for each episode you will find the link to the full script of the podcast and all the sources cited.
If you think that our behaviors cannot change our world we will prove you wrong -or at least try to- along with the episodes. Because maybe you didn’t know, but if you stopped eating meat you could spend 5 hours and 30 min per day under the shower consuming as much water as what is needed for a meat-based meal…
Each of us can make a difference!

Our sound engineer: Michele Marino Gallina
The songs you will hear to are from ‘SURF CASETTE’ – https://www.facebook.com/surfcassette/
How coronavirus and air pollution are connected? Are lockdown measures positively impacting the environment? What is this pandemic telling us? How pollution boosted this pandemic?
In this episode we find the links between Covid-19 and pollution: the negative… and the positive ones.

To follow the script and check out the studies mentioned click below.

How going vegetarian could save our world? Or better, how meat consumption is draining our last resources? If you want to be healthier, consume less water, reduce your CO2 emissions and reducing the land needed to feed you, consider reducing your consumption of meat.
We did an extensive work of scientific research to support this podcast, data are alarming and suggest that the only solution to the present environmental crisis is giving up meat.

To follow the script and check out the studies mentioned click below.