Day 9 – Getting Ready for Slovenian Highest Peak

A day of reading and resting

After breakfast at the local bakery, we decide to go to the park and chill reading and talking.

Actually, this is what we dedicated all our day to. Only lunch interrupted the routine, a beer in the afternoon and dinner. The day was hot, but under the shadow of the chestnuts, close-by a fresh fountain, it was pleasant and relaxing.

Preparing our climb to Triglav summit

We decided that we cannot move further into Slovenia before conquering its highest peak: Triglav.

We opt to go for the north face, which is partially equipped as a sort of via ferrata. Basically, it is a huge wall 2800m tall and majestically dominating Triglav National Park, the one and only national park of Slovenia.

Our journey will start at 1015m on the sea level to reach the 2864m at the top. The climb will last approximately 6 hours (5h to the mountain hut + 1h to the peak). But we will describe it in the following days.

Wish us luck!

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