Day 8 – Sun is Up/Chill

Some solo time – not much

At 10:30 our good breakfast is over. We figured out that ‘orzo’ is the perfect substitute to coffee if you want to consume local and package free -or at least no plastic packaging. We make it in our 35 years old Italian coffee machine that G’s parents offered us. It tastes similar to coffee, the one we bought is made in Italy, is organic and is packaged in a thin paper box. Half a kilo should last some 6 months for us.

G chooses to redo ferata Jerm’n, that is actually very quick, in less than an hour he’s back at the campsite. Here M enjoyed a morning shower and a bit of rest.

Since one of our most affectionate follower asked for some description of the climbs we are doing, here you are.

Ferata Jerm’n

The via ferrata starts a few metres above the road that connects Godz Martuljek to Srednji Vrh and it develops vertically along Jermanovi slapovi, the waterfall of this clear watered river.

The climb is harsh from the first metres, vertical, with not much grip for the feet. The first wall is vertical and presents no natural holds, it is to be done with the metal rope and the artificial holds.

On the top of this wall, we proceed left towards Jermanovi waterfall. We cross the river walking on a rope, and attack the wall -the longest of the itinerary- that follows vertically the waterfall. With a few hard passages we finally top Jermanovi slapovi and can enjoy the fresh drops of water on our faces.

We cross again the stream -another steel rope- and conclude the via through a final wall, where, with attention, we can use the natural holds in the rock. A great Scots pine signals the end of the via.

The itinerary lasts less then an hour in total, it’s a beautiful way to explore this spectacular waterfall and to enjoy the clear waters of Jerm’n.

Chill afternoon along the Pisnika river

The afternoon is hot in the sun and cold in the shadow, with a gentle breeze that transforms in wind from time to time. We walk along the river Pisnika until two lakes -that we assume to be artificial- and spend a moment reading in the crowd of tourists and locals. The parking lots around the small lakes are full with cars, bicycle, campers and motorbikes. Luckily we came by foot. The path to the lakes is under the shade of pines and spruces. The water of the lakes is prohibitively cold.

We spend the rest of the afternoon in another park, eating peanuts and talking.

We are going to spend the night in the same parking as two days ago, which, apparently, is the only free and legal in Slovenia.

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  • Patrizia

    Grazie x le descrizione dettagliata. Pubblicate anche qualche foto. L’acqua dei laghi è fantastica. Viene voglia di berla oltre che di tuffarvici.

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