Day 7 – The perfect spot

Life is good until the police wakes you up

Last night, we were sleeping so well after a satisfying day and a good dinner in an amazing scenery… when suddenly we hear someone violently knocking on the van door. G was in a sleeping coma, while M was afraid that someone wanted to rob us: we both didn’t really understand what was going on. When finally G managed to exit his coma and to ask “Yes?”, from the other side of the door we heard “Policija”. Better the police than some crazy thief.

Before to start writing about our interaction with two Slovenian police officers, you should know one thing about our van. The door doesn’t open well, basically to make it slide properly we have to lift it at the same moment as sliding. It’s quite annoying and complicated, many times it blocks along the way and it takes always a bit of time. It’s a pity we were lazy to repair it, but we worked so much on the van that we didn’t feel like.

Now that you know this, guess how much time it took G to open it with the police on the other side waiting with their huge flash lights. They must have thought, ‘these French hippies…’.

With the door half opened G asks what is wrong. The taller officer explains that sleeping in parking lots is forbidden under Slovenian law. The fine for sleeping on the road is 40 euros each. They ask our documents. The smaller officer, that doesn’t speak English tells something to his colleague. M finds our documents and hands them to the officers. They check them and give them back to us. The small officer speaks again with the other. Finally, after some thinking, the taller officer tells us that for this time we are forgiven, to find a campsite, and remember that in Slovenia you cannot sleep on the road.

Campsites are expensive here

We surf the internet in order to find the closest campsite. They all seem to be expensive, for two people is basically around 36 euros the night. Quite a lot considering the prices of other goods around here -half a litre of beer is 3 euros…

We finally find out a parking for campers that seems to be free, no amenities. It’s a few kilometres away, in front of Kranjska Gora ski station. Here we can finally rest.

A bit of climbing and more resting

A quick breakfast, bread and jam, and we are ready for another climb: Ferata Mojstrana. The way is pretty easy the view it’s worth it, spacing on the homonymous village and on the upper Sava valley. We eat our lunch at the top, in the shade of a beech.

The village of Mojstrana also hosts the Slovenian museum of Alpinism and works as information point for the excursion to the surrounding summits, Triglav -the highest with its 2864 metres- included.

Today we are spending the night in a campsite. We arrive to this decision after a good hour of considering all the possible options. We are particularly tired and M needs some place to rest ant to shower properly -she has to deal with her period, doing this and at the same time bearing G is hard work. We opt for a beautiful campsite in Godz Martuljek. Once we showered, we kind of understand why campsites are expensive. It’s clean, flat, shaded, the supermarket sells cheap and fresh beer, it is just underneath the two via ferrata of the village.

A nice dinner and a good sleep

To treat ourselves we decide to cook crepes. We bought a local cheese that together with Italian dried tomatoes and pesto is the perfect filling for our crepes. Dinner is good and abundant as well as our sleep.

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