Day 5 – Was That Even a Via Ferrata?

The beauty of the Aupa pass

Morning is wet but sunny. Since we have no gas we prefer to postpone breakfast to the first village we will meet, which should be Pontebba. The ride is particularly beautiful, especially the hairpin turns that leads to the Aupa pass. The forest here is tall with pines and the forest bed is green with herbs. The view on the peaks that surround us is majestic.

Pontebba is a joyful town at the bottom of the Canale Valley. Coffee in the sun is regenerating as well as the toilet break. Since we finally have a good internet connection we decide to sit in the shadow and publish the past two days of adventures. Before to reach our daily destination we refill our solar shower and our bottles.

Camporosso - another rainy afternoon?

We manage to reach Camporosso on time to buy bread for lunch. We eat two sandwiches with the vegetables we cooked yesterday night and a bit of cheese. Refurbished, we park our van by the river Bartolo where a countryside road leads to Austria, and walk towards our destination, the climbing spot named ‘Palestra Val Bartolo’. The pitches are easy but require attention and technique. Unfortunately, we only have the time to climb two pitches each. Black clouds and rains are coming our way. Along the path back to the van we get wet and, annoyed by the rain, we try to organise our small space in order to pass the time.

Fortunately it doesn’t last long. A shy sun and lighter clouds allow us to open the van and look around. M spots the depart of a sort of via ferrata. There are no signs, G doesn’t find on his maps neither on the internet. We decide to go for it.

Is this a via ferrata?

All along the ‘via’ we wonder if this is actually a via ferrata, if it’s still open, if it’s safe… At the end of the climb we agree that it could have been a ferrata. However, it wasn’t really safe neither open. In any case, it was easy and fun. The view from above spaces on the Bartolo and Canale Valley. The ground is wet and the forest looks lively; the greens of the trees and of the grasses are vivid. From the top we find a small path bringing us back to the van. Our daily physical activity is accomplished.

Do you remember that we told you we refilled our shower? Well the water was very cold at the fountain, and the day was fresh. The result is that we start showering with cold water. When G is done and M has just started washing herself, it starts raining. M finishes showering under the rain. We manage to get in the van before it gets to wet. Once this second round of rain is over we are finally able to open all the doors to dry our cloths and our backpacks.

Being organised is important

G starts writing the road-trip diary of the day while M organises the van. It is vital to arrange everything in a way that our 4.5 squared metres are liveable. M manages to find a place for everything and to create a hanger to dry all our cloths and towels. Then she starts working on our website.

Tonight we are going to eat the Dahl M cooked yesterday. Tomorrow we are heading to Austria, because apparently is the only place where we can refill our gas bottle. This will add some kilometres to our trip -just a few, actually- and prevent us from seeing the lakes of Fusine, which was supposed to be our destination. Too bad, we are going to enjoy even more Slovenia.


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