Day 4 – A wild place

The Nature Reserve of the Alba valley

The night was indeed fresh. A good sleep and breakfast is the perfect combination to kick-off a nice excursion in the forest. The trees are tall and protect us from the sun that shows up only from time to time. It is still hot and humid, we do need some rain and a fresh and sunny day after – this light is not suitable for pictures.

The path is soft and brings us around this untouched forest that quietly guides us towards the Rio Alba and Rio Fonderiis. The first is empty, even if it’s the one after which the valley is named. The second has the clearest water we have seen until now. We spot the waterfall -see the picture- which is much smaller than what we thought. But the way here, the trees, the flowers and the clearness of the water are worth each step.

To get back to the car we cross a landslide and get lost in the wood. Following a steep animal path we finally find the road again and, after a fresh stop to a spring, we jump on the van and gain the bottom of the valley to reach Dordolla, where we want to eat something before to find a spot to sleep.

Too late to lunch in Dordolla?

We reach the village after another steep road. The bar is under renovations, it takes us a while to spot it. We climb the steps to learn that it is too late to eat. We insist a bit, and they could actually cook something for us. M check how much money we have left in cash, and there’s only 11 euros. The ladies running the bar look at each other in an annoyed way. We decide to cook something by the river side.

We find a nice parking with tables on the Aupa, the river after which the main valley of Moggio Udinese is called. We calm our hunger with a quick and vegetarian carbonara with dried tomatoes. After a bit of rest we bath in the river, clean ourselves, wash the dishes and put a bottle of ‘prosecco’ in the water to cool it down -hot ‘prosecco’ is not the best…

How to manage a rainy afternoon

Thunders start rumbling in the grey sky. G runs to retrieve the ‘prosecco’ from the river while M put everything in the van. Ours is a shameful afternoon: drinking ‘prosecco’ and watching a movie. And when the rain is over we start cooking, we run out of gas, and we finish cooking on our amazing portable wooden stove.

Dahl for dinner is warm and spicy, the perfect meal for what promises to be a fresh night. Tomorrow we are heading to the closest town in order to refill our gas bottle, buy bread, and maybe eat a pizza from the bakery, M’s favourite.

P.s. No internet connection around here = we are going to publish these two last days tomorrow hopefully.


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