Day 33 & 34 – Our Rural Life in Jezersko

Thursday working

On Thursday we are working again in the herbs field. It’s, once again, weeding time. In summer there is always something to do in the fields, because, on the one hand, fruits ripe from one day to the other and weeds grow at a fast pace. Harvest of herbs or fruit are done every day.

The morning goes by fast, and the afternoon repeats the morning work. Today it’s hot and it’s harder than usual to bend over the plants and kneel in the rows of mint and Millefeuille. When we go back to the herbs field we pass by Jezersko’s Mineral Water Spring. Matej explains us that once he had to wait for a person to refill 400 litres of water at the spring. Apparently, there’s people coming from all over Slovenia to enjoy the pureness of this spring. When we arrive there we are the first and we brought 7 bottles of 1 litre to refill. A couple with mountain bikes arrive just after us. A guy that worked with Matej in the past arrives last. He starts speaking with Matej and refilling his half a litre bottle. Matej doesn’t complain. But the mountain biker does, he starts yelling at us while Matej tries to mediate and his friend, instead, instigates him. After an animated discussion, of which we do not get a word apart from ‘voda’, the biker and his partner finally fill their bottles and drink the precious water.

Friday in the orchard

The eight varieties of raspberries that Anja has planted ask for daily harvests. At 9 we are in the orchard ready for picking. In 4 hours we manage to do our best harvest. We do not know exactly how many kilos because it’s Anja taking care of this in the basement of the house. She keeps track of every harvest, the amount of fruits picked by variety, their quality and dimensions.

It’s still sunny and we are trying to harvest everything we can before the rain comes. It has been forecasted, indeed, heavy rains for the next few days, starting from Saturday evening.

Thinking of Velika Baba

During lunch we start discussing about the fact that our stay in Jezersko is almost over and we still didn’t climb Velika Baba. We figure out that the only viable day is tomorrow, with an early start we can do it before the bad weather arrives. Matej and Anja convince us to go back and conquer this summit that tricked us last time. It so is decided. Tomorrow we are going to wake up at 5am, be at the parking lot at 6 start climbing at 7:30 and be back home at 3pm.

The fastest man of Jezersko

We are both worried not to be able to go to sleep early enough to wake up at 5am and not being too tired. Even if we worked a lot and we are getting used to sleep early, a 5am alarm could be traumatic.

For this reason, G decides to go running with Matej, who is known to be the fastest runner in Jezersko. It’s Friday 31, Matej has to run enough to achieve his monthly amount of 200km. He misses 11km, so it’s decided. He plans an itinerary of 11km with 600 metres of positive vertical distance. He explains G that around Jezersko it’s not possible to run more than 5km without having at least 200m of vertical distance.

Matej is definitely too fast for G and push him to his limits. Before to get back to the house G deeps in an extremely cold pond that awakens him from the hard run.

An early dinner and at 9:30 we are in bed ready for tomorrow’s climb.

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