Day 31 & 32 – Two Small Excursions Around Jezersko

More berries

Today it’s, once again berries time. We pick the last black currants -finally- and start with the early raspberries. The older plants, 4 years old, are producing a lot of berries, they are tasteful and easy to pick because at our height. The younger plants -from 1 to 2 years old- have very few fruits, but they are huge and delicious. Anja grows 8 different varieties of raspberries. This allow her to have different times of ripeness and to distribute the harvest over the whole month, which is perfect for solo-working.

At first G was a faster picker, now M is always a bit ahead. Raspberries are definitely easier to harvest than currants because we can do the picking standing and walking around the orchard.

It’s finally summer in Jezersko

Days are getting hotter here. We finally feel the summer coming, however, at night it’s always fresh and the breezy. We decide to take advantage of this sunny and warm afternoon to walk to “Ankova slapova”, a waterfall nearby Jezersko.

It takes us about one hour and a half to reach the waterfall, which is not particularly impressive. However, in the late afternoon the wood has some magical colours, and the needles of the pines and spruces reflect the orange of the setting sun. We pick a few Cantharelli mushrooms that we are planning to use for dinner, when M suddenly spots a Boletus Edulis, G’s favourite mushroom. We run down towards the village excited for dinner, we decided to have fried mushrooms and risotto.

A rich dinner

We mix beer, salt and flour for a perfect batter in which we deep our freshly picked mushroom before to fry them. The result it’s just delicious. Surprisingly, Cantharelli taste even better than the boletus. Luckily enough we had enough Cantharelli also for a good risotto -we were still hungry.

Full and tired we sleep until 7, an early alarm for a morning walk.

Virnikov Grintovec

The morning goal is to reach Virnikov Grintovec summit. This mountain dominating the western side of the village, is 1654 metres high and it’s right in front of the ‘real’ mountain Grintovec that measures 2558m. Between them, Jezersko. The path is indicated from the very centre of jezersko, it asses on the side of the church and enters into the forest just after. The way up is steep, but some parts on a woodcutter roads help decreasing the rhythm and breathing from time to time. We rush it until the top, it takes us 1 hour and 20 minutes -yes Mathilde is always timing our excursions-, while the panel just next to the house, in the centre of Jezersko, indicates 2 hours 30. The way from the top is majestic, in front of us Austrians valleys, behind Jezersko and the highest peaks of the region.

The way down is even faster. In 50 minutes we are back to the village.

Elderflower cleaning and painting

We spend the afternoon cleaning dried Elderflower and painting the famous fence. We talk and listen to podcasts. We finish at around 6pm, get to our room and write about the past days. The sun is setting on Grintovec, we can see it from our window.

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