Day 29 & 30 – A Meet-Up – Enjoying the mountains

Friends from Asia-Europe Foundation

In the past days, G contacted a friend of his who lives in Slovenia. They first met during an international summer school held in Croatia and Slovenia. It so happens that another friend from the same summer school is in Slovenia as well.

The result is a nice meet up with Ana -Slovenian- and Pavlîna -Czech- in beautiful Jezersko. And the goal of the day is to enjoy a nice meal in Češka Koča mountain hut. We walk together to Jezersko’s lake to take the path towards the hut. The weather is nice, sunny but not too hot. This is why we are not the only ones on the trail. In addition, it is a Sunday… what did we expect. Despite meeting a lot of people on the way, once at the hut we find a table outside and we can enjoy a very good soup with cabbage -Vipavska Jota-, with sour milk on the side. Delicious and abundant. A fried desert tempts us all, we decide to try it out and it’s the perfect closure of a good meal.

The way back is a bit ‘heavier’, but gives us the opportunity to update on what we all are currently doing in our lives. Which is interesting two years after we met. We discuss a lot on the way how tourism changed this summer and how it impacts alpine valleys like the one we are walking in. Here in Jezersko not everyone is happy about the arrival of more international tourists every year…

The last black currants

More black currants are ready to be picked. This is our main activity on Monday morning. We go to the field with Anja, and spend about 4 hours picking these little berries. If you wonder why berries are expensive… it’s mainly because the plants are not very productive, the fruits go bad easily, picking is long and cannot be done all in one day, but it’s an activity going on for a month during all summer, little by little following the ripeness of the fruits. In addition, in order to preserve the berries they have to be frozen or directly transformed, which means using more energy and time. When you buy any kind of berry jam, if it’s from a small producer, you are paying hours and hours of hard work.

We are almost over with picking black currants, tomorrow we will pick what remains. It’s surprising to notice these past days how quickly the fruits grow from one day to the other.

Climbing in Jezersko

We finally decide to spend the afternoon in Jezersko sport-climbing spot. It is just below the tennis court and the basketball field, there’s a partially visible path starting right aside from the tennis court that in about 5 minutes brings to the pitches.

The first sector has 6 belaying stances, we manage to reach only 3 of them, the other pitches are very demanding (VII+ to VIII+). The first pitch we complete is a IV+, the second a VI+ and the last we are not really sure, around V, but being the first part of a VII, it is not indicated as a single pitch. For each belaying stance there are two pitches, we did in total about 6 climbs each.

After a beer in the wood at sunset we enjoy a calm evening.


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