Day 28 – Spruces’ Gold and Painting

Jezersko’s weather

Legend has it that Jezersko has a weird micro-climate. We definitely believe the legend. Today it was supposed to be rainy and cold. Apart from the first hours in the morning, it has been sunny and quite hot.

We spent the morning painting the famous fence, it’s going to be the most beautiful -and the oldest- of the neighbourhood. G made a risotto for lunch that the kids didn’t seem to enjoy, at least at first. After lunch, since it’s not raining, it’s resin time.

Mining Spruces

We go back to the same spot as yesterday. Now that we know how resin collecting works we are quicker. We easily spot harmed spruces, approach them and excavate the resin with our knives and collect it in our baskets. It is particularly satisfying when we find a good source with a lot of soft resin. It smells too good. So far, this is our favourite activity, unfortunately, Matej doesn’t need a lot of resin… with today’s harvest we are done for the summer.

A new climbing spot!

As we are getting to know the locals, they are opening up. Yesterday Matej confessed that there is a climbing spot in Jezersko just behind the basketball field. We decide to go check it out before having a beer. In exactly 5 minutes from the house we are there. There are about 20 pitches from 5a to 7c approximately. We will be trying the spot out in the next days. The beer is nice, the sun is warm.

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