Day 27 – Collecting Spruce Resin for the Magic Balm

It’s not a good morning if you do not pick berries

The weather forecast for the next days says “a lot of rain”. For this reason, we spend three hours in the orchard, under the last sun, in order to collect as many black currants as possible. We manage to finish the row before lunch.

Collecting resin from wounded Spruces

No spruces were harmed during this process… Before it starts to rain we go into the forest in order to collect spruces’ resin. To do this, Matej follows the roads created by woodcutters and, with the permission of the owner of the forest, collects the resin only from those trees that were wounded by the workers. This is a great way to avoid wounding other trees. In one hour, that’s all the time the bad weather allowed us, we collect about 3 kilos of resin, which is the main ingredient of the balm Matej produces. Collecting is nice, we get to spend sometime in the forest with knives: every kid’s dream.

The resin is very sticky, to take it out from our hands we first use some oil -which does most of the job- that we rub with a metal sponge all over our hands; then we use a product for car mechanic. The final result: our hands are soft and smell of resin. In the next days we will collect more resin and cook the cream, that is told to have some magical healing powers.

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