Day 24 & 25 – Two Days Working

A 35 years old fence

These days we are helping renewing the fence surrounding the garden of the house. It is 35 years old and has been designed by a friend of the family who was architect. We dismount the sections of the fence, bring them to the atelier, remove the paint and sand them, repair the broken parts and paint them back with a dark brown colour. This operation takes a lot of time, but the goal is not to change the fence to save material, and we like that. With this treatment it should last at least 5 years more, which for some wood that is exposed to whatever weather all year long is not bad at all.


The morning goes by working the wood. After lunch -G prepared one of his favourite meals, ‘Pizzoccheri’- is Melissa-cleaning-time. Melissa is one of the herbs Matej uses in his famous 10 herbs tea. It has a lemony taste that adds an exotic note to the mix. The plant allows for two harvest, of which the first is right now in July and it’s the most abundant, while the second -mid-August- will be made of smaller and lesser leaves.

The picking and the cleaning are almost the same as for mint. It’s a bit boring but we can talk with Matej and Anja, which is always interesting. We are starting to be quick in cleaning, which actually helps.

Picking Millefeuille flowers

Today we are also picking some Yarrow flowers, in order to finish the harvest before the rains forecasted for the next days arrive. It feels nice to be in the fields, it’s not too hot, it smells good and we get to eat some freshly harvested pickles, they are very tasty eaten directly from the plant. Indeed, we pick some small cucumbers with which Matej is planning to prepare as jarred pickles.

More Melissa and fences

Wednesday passes by similarly to Tuesday. We do sand another fence section and paint it. We do clean Melissa after lunch.

Once we are done working, G makes a quick Tiramisù, while M dedicates some hours to the preparation of ‘Oreilles d’âne’-literally: donkey ears– a typical meal from Champsaur, not far from where M comes from. It’s a long procedure. First, she cooks 20 crepes, then she rolls them in a baking tray, covers them with béchamel, spinach, salad and cheese. Then it’s meant to be cooked for 30 minutes in the oven.

We eat crepes with cheese and go to bed early.

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