Day 20 – The Orchard and Wet Climbing

Cleaning the rows

At 9:00 we are in the orchard, today is mowing day. We are preparing the orchard for the harvest which will be in about two weeks. We cut the grass, rake it, collect it and pile it in the corners of the field. The weather is not the best, it is sunny then it suddenly rains, then it’s cloudy, then the cloud leave space to a deep blue sky and then it rains again.

Just before 1pm we are done, the orchard looks tidy and in shape.

For lunch Anja prepares something very typical, they call it the meal of the shepherd, now we cannot recall the Slovenian name, we will ask tomorrow. It consists in cooked flour -buckwheat-, that forms a sort of crumble with cabbage on the side and some sour cream on top. It’s delicious. We tried the same thing at Kredarica hut in Triglav National Park, but it was tasteless, expensive and cold. We are happy to have had a second chance, because it’s worth it.

Wet climbing

Under the recommendation of our hosts, we decide to go for an afternoon climb, even though the weather doesn’t promise anything good. However, they give us the indications to reach the place, a website on which to find the description of the pitches and they show us the weather forecast saying “the rain is over”.

When we arrive in front of the wall of Veliki vhr it rains. Nevertheless, we decide to go for it. The approach follows a road used by woodcutters full of mud and cut trees, then it enters the forest and reaches in few hundred steep metres the beginning of the climbs. We decide to go for something easy, the rock is wet and we do not want to take further risks. Our choice falls on Sanje neke gospodinje. G starts first, despite crying on the wet rock, he reaches the first belay stance. After exchanging with M, it is decided that the climb is to be done. M reaches G and proceed towards the next stance. When she reaches it, she has some doubts on how to belay from above, it’s her official first time. We exchange again and finally is G turn to go. The last pitch is blurry, G climbs first when suddenly he doesn’t find the following bolts. Fortunately the route is easy, and by now has almost completely dried, he goes on, he find a lonely bolt, but nothing afterwards. After almost ten metres without any bolt he reaches the last belay stance. While M is climbing it starts raining again and the clouds surround us, we cannot see anything but the wall. To find the path going down we climb some rocks, mud, grass and trees. When we find the path to the bottom we are relieved.

However, the trail back is steep, exposed, muddy and slippery. We are definitely relieved when we reach the van and we can finally go back to our room and dry our cloths.

Shower and a warm dinner are deserved.


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