Day 19 – Tea and rain


Three hundred teabags might not seem much when we buy them at the supermarket. But we can assure you that when you have to fill each of them with the right quantity of herbs, it is. We spend the first part of the morning doing this: filling teabags with the famous 10 herbs combination of Matej. We talk, listen to music and exchange opinions meanwhile. It is actually better than what it seems.

Afterwards, we start stripping and painting the wooden fence surrounding the house. Our hosts have an atelier with all the sort of tools we might be needing.

A grey day

The afternoon begins with more wood painting and ends with a nice beer in the restaurant. The lady serves us convinced we are Germans, we ask in English, she replies “zwei bier”, we nod and sit outside, once again facing the mountains. It has been raining almost all day, the clouds cover the highest peaks, it’s fresh but not cold.

We drink and talk until 5:30, the first costumers are sitting at the restaurant ready for dinner. As we are getting used to local rhythms as well we head back to the house to shower and prepare dinner. Tonight, given the weather and our mind state -we feel a bit bored, it’s probably the grey sky- we are going to eat early and watch a movie.