Day 18 – Do You Remember Yesterday’s Mint? More Mint!

Morning in the fields

At 9am we are in the fields at the end of the valley. Today’s weeding day! Basically, we have to clean the rows of mint from weeds, that otherwise compromise the harvest. This is done once the first mint has already been picked -which happened few days ago. Indeed, in-between two harvests, the space on the ground that is not covered by the herb is invaded by weeds. This is crucial to ensure a good production.

In practice, it is much more boring than this. We have to search among mint plants for weeds and eradicate them. Basically, we spend 3 hours and a half trying to find a comfortable position to do the job, with our necks and knees hurting. Luckily it’s not particularly hot, and some clouds shade the otherwise unbearable sun. In addition, the mountains around, the moos of the cows, and the general bucolic setting make the task more pleasant. A sudden visit of four small pigs gives us the excuse for a pause. We climb the fence behind which they are eating and start playing with them.

Once back to work, one pig trespasses on the herbs field, we scare it back, he runs crying in terror while we block the hole he passed by.

The final product

After lunch we work a small additional hour packing tea. We finally meet the mythical combination of ten herbs this couple is known for. Our task consists in mixing the herbs, putting them in bags and being sure that there is the same quantity of tea -50g- in each of them.

It smells delicious and we bring with us the smell after finishing. The whole house is a mixture of different smells. At the second floor -where we are sleeping- we mostly breath dried herbs. In the basement it smells like syrup, the first floor smells like the food that is cooked daily. It’s nice and very welcoming, a lively place with a lot of people, animals and plants all living together.

Chilling, not really

We spend the afternoon resting, cutting G’s hair, running/cycling, cleaning, and cooking one of M’s Dahl. This nature around us is just amazing, everywhere we look we see trees, rocks, fields, small houses. It feels like humans can live in harmony -at least apparently- with nature.


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