Day 17 – Some Climbing and a Lot of Mint Cleaning


Today we will be working in the afternoon. We are having lunch with Matej and Anja at noon, and cleaning mint all together afterwards. We decide to start exploring the area by doing a morning via ferrata -Ferata Češka koča. For this reason, we wake up at 7am -even if the alarm started ringing from 6:30- drive the van at the end of the valley 10 minutes walk 15 in the woods and 10 in along a scree to reach the starting point of the climb. We parked at the bottom of Ravenska kocna valley, followed the trail to Zrelo, then the signs of the via ferrata.

Ferata Češka koča

The climb starts abrupt, slippery and physical. Unfortunately, this harsh passages do not last long. Surpassed the first wall the rock starts leaning and the climb gets easy and quick. On the right we can see two small waterfalls and above us the high peaks and what remains of the ancient glacier.

The rest of the ‘ferata’ do not present any surprise. Once at the top we can see the Češka koča hut, and on the opposite side of the valley, the famous “New central direction in Velika Baba”. The most traditional and frequented climb of Jezersko, we will do it soon, hopefully.

Cleaning mint, then cleaning mint and more mint

We spend the afternoon cleaning mint and talking with Matej and Anja. Without the good talking, it would be very boring. Fortunately our guests have much to share and we do as well.

Cleaning mint is an easy and repetitive work. It smells nice but leaves a black trace on the fingers with which we separate the leaves from the stems.

After 5 hours of this, we spread the mint on trays in order to dry it and put it in the dry room.

A quick reparation on the van and we can enjoy the late afternoon and a simple dinner.