Day 16 – Living in Jezersko as Herbs Farmers

Sifting Elderflowers

The milk of the neighbour tastes very good and helps in starting the day well. We meet Matej at 9 that quickly explains us our morning task. We basically have to sift dried Elderflowers separating the stem from the flowers themselves and put them in a paper bag for later use. Anja will make syrup out of them, which is then sold to local restaurants and cafes.

The task reveals to be repetitive from the first minutes. However, it gives time to talk, look around at the mountain peaks and enjoy the fresh morning. In the end we do not even realise that is 11:45 and they are ready to eat. Lunch is quick but good, chickpeas soup with home made bread.

We are in a hurry because the mint syrup has reached 80°C and it’s time to bottle it. M goes in the basement to help Anja bottling the hot syrup. G arranges the table and joins them to help cleaning the containers in which the syrup cooked. Some 50 bottles are filled.

Where the magic happens

We decide to join Matej who is going to collect some mint with his children deep into the valley. In a few minute drive we reach the best exposed part of Jezersko valley where the biggest farms are located. Matej and Anja have some two fields here, not too far from each other. One is an orchard of raspberries, blackberries, currants and black currants; the other is a field of different varieties of garlic, mint, thyme, and other aromatics.

We collect some mint to make tea because they are running short of it. While Matej and his kids go back home by car, we decide to walk along the stream. We meet them again in the garden where we select the leaves of mint that are going to be used for the precious infusion. This kind of tea, where all the processing of the plant is manually done, is particularly expensive and tasteful.

We are officially tired

These two days hiding from Slovenian police and walking made us tired. We are planning an early sleep and some climbing for tomorrow’s afternoon. But first, we take care of the van applying silicone where the water is supposed to infiltrate. Hopefully M’s bed won’t be wet any more.

Fresh eggs from the garden hens are waiting us to make a nice omelette out of them.

P.s. in the picture the view from our window


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