Day 15 – The Village of Preddvor

Early birds

Fearing another incursion of Slovenian police we wake up at 7 and leave the parking lot of the lake’s hotel. We decide to go for a morning walk around Crnava lake. It’s a calm and chilly Sunday morning, around the lake we meet just a fisherman and a couple with a dog. When we read a sign indicating “Sekvoja”, we follow it presuming we will find a sequoia. Instead, we enter a beautiful forest at its mature stage but no trace of sequoias. We find maples, spruces and pines, with their little sign at the bottom. We keep looking for the sequoia sign along the path, unsuccessfully. Hunger prevails, we decide to look for a bar.

Deserved coffee

Even if we are trying not to consume coffee any more, sometime is the easiest way to go to a toilet and to seat and relax. At 8:15 in the morning our neighbouring bar clients are having beers and wine, happy Sunday to you mates!

We then decide to drive towards Zgornje Jezersko, where we will be volunteering in a farm for the next two weeks, and stop by the first parking we find to have bread and jam, our deserved breakfast.

Along the way we cannot decide where to stop when suddenly we reach Jewersko. We park the van in the main parking of the village to consume our breakfast.

Lakes everywhere

Plansarsko lake was once covering all Jezersko’s basin, and it is believed that the village was named after the ancient lake itself. Today, it is small and shallow but it attracts a lot of people on Sundays because of a small market and the restaurant that was built on its shore. We eat our sandwiches looking at the reflection of the trees in the lake. Indeed, the forest around is stunning, it counts mainly pines and spruces.

Planning to explore new peaks

Surrounded by high peaks Jezersko has a history of alpinism that we will be exploring in the next weeks climbing traditional routes like the famous “New central direction in Velika Baba”. For this reason, we pass by the tourist office where we find a comprehensive booklet collecting the most interesting climbs and trails. We will be definitely using it.

Meeting our hosts

As we mentioned we are going to spend two weeks -at least- here. We will be working with Anja and Matej. They mostly grow and transform herbs. They produce syrups, balms and other things we are going to discover in the next days. Their commerce is mostly local and has spread enough to be their main income thanks to the tell-a-friend principle. They are particularly welcoming, we drink together their self-brewed beer. Our bedroom is cosy and our windows has the most amazing view on the peaks. A reddish sunset closes this day, with no leaks from the roof we are ready to sleep.


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