Day 13 – A walk on the border of Triglav National Park

An unfruitful climb

After a morning swim we enjoy breakfast and the last hours in the campsite. M cooks one of her amazing Dahl that we eat for an early lunch, before check-out time. At 12 we pay the camping and leave towards the small climbing spot of Gorje, not far from Bled castle.

The campsite was expensive, we didn’t really realize that the tourist tax for two people on two days would have been of 12 euros. Therefore, two days in a campsite in front of Bled lake, for two people, without electricity… 82 euros! We wonder how can people stay a full week and yet pay for extra activities, tourist tours and so on. Everything is very expensive here. We have discovered that in 2011 this same campsite cost 10 euros per person per night. This is why tonight we are going to sleep in a parking lot in Zgornje Gorje and renounce to drinking a fresh beer.

Once at the climbing spot we welcome the suggestion of a local on the pitch to choose -because we didn’t find any description online. She tells us to start with the 5c we have just in front of us. It reveals to be more difficult than what we thought. G doesn’t manage to finish it. M tries to remedy to the situation without success. G tries again and manages to clip the rope in the belay stance. It’s just not the day for climbing. We both are still tired from the excursion, the heat and the crowd of Bled. Another try on the pitch just next, still unsuccessful. We decide to go to our next destination Vintgar gorges, on Radovna river.

The nature that cannot be accessed

M’s legs are finally not painful any more. For this reason, we decide to go for an 10km walk on the borders of Triglav National Park passing by Vintgar gorges. When we arrive at the gorges, after a half an hour walk, we find out that parking costs 5 euros the day, 10 for campers. If this is not enough, the access to the path that follows the gorges costs 10 euros per person. We look at each other and decide to take an alternative path, frustrated by this kind of nature monetisation.

The path we take follows the border of Triglav National Park, that coincide with Radovna river course, but allows for no view of the river. However, we learn that this was the ancient road connecting the village of Vintgar to the neighbouring ones. It was built in the 18th century and it is known as ‘The steep side’ -“Strma stran” in Slovenian. Tradition has it, that once a farmer was on his way home, he looked down towards the gorges and he felt in the cliff dying on the impact with a rock. This road was mainly use for commerce and transportation of timber, today it runs in a protected forest.

We pass the village of Vintgar and reach Sum waterfall.

The way back is even more beautiful, passing through pastures with on the background the mountains. The sun is getting lower and the green of the trees and of the grass surrounds us pleasantly.

A night without cops

Back to the parking lot the van is incredibly hot, after a day under the sun. We decide to have dinner on a bench not far, with a nice view on Bled’s countryside. After dinner we watch a film and at 10 we are in bed.

The night passes by calmly and we enjoy the pleasure of not being awaken by the police but by G. At 7 he is up ready to drive until Kranj, our next destination.


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