Day 12 – Bled: the Most Beautiful Lake of Slovenia?

Around the lake

A good sleep and an abundant breakfast -we are still recovering from our ascent to Triglav- is what we need before walking around Bled lake. We follow the north shore in order to reach Blejski grad, the castle. After 15 minutes we reach the hilltop where we have a full sight of the lake. The entrance to the castle is expensive 13 euros, we decide to enjoy the view and to descend towards the village of Bled.

A town for tourists

The village consists in tourist accommodations, bars, restaurants, tourist offices, bike and boat rentals, minigolf… and whatever tourists might want to do, see or eat. There’s nothing really interesting apart from a few old buildings and villas that are now transformed in hotels or bed and breakfast.

We continue our tour of the lake,the southern shore has some beautiful spots, trees dip their roots in the water, the water is so clear we can see thousands of fishes, waterlily are starting to blossom, the pedestrian walk is in the shadow and almost quiet.

Stunned by Slovenian clearest waters

The most stunning characteristic of this lake is its waters. Incredibly clear. Swimming is a pleasure, we can spot fishes everywhere. Ducks are swimming among the tourists.

But tourists, tourists are everywhere, us included. There is not an access to the lake that isn’t invaded by tourists. We wonder how this natural paradise can be so well preserved with all this people coming all year long. For what we understand this is far from being the best season for tourism due to the virus.

It is definitely worth to pay a visit to the lake, for us two days in between the tourists were enough, we are moving forward towards our destination, Jezersko.

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