About Us

Everything That Is Sustainable – ETISM – is a platform through which we want to share information, data, experiences and ideas on sustainable development. This process takes many forms in order to reach the largest amount of people.

You will find podcasts, articles, videos, DIY posts… Different contents to convince you of one thing:

Pollution, deforestation, natural resources exploitation are menacing our ecosystems. Everyone suffers from this, you are not an exception. This is why we invite everybody to take action, change behaviors and protect nature. All living beings deserve to live in a healthy environment, humans included. This is why we believe in a simpler way of living, consuming less, enjoying and respecting nature that is providing us everything with everything we could ask for.

Holding a master in Sustainable Development at the Università Statale di Milano – obtained with honors -, Giacomo loves writing and, despite his legal background, he is interested in ecology, biology and mountaineering. He loves podcasts, forests and climbing.

These passions brought him to the creation of the series Sostenibilità for Beginners, one of the first podcast series on sustainability in Italy. He also worked for ALPARC, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas. Along his studies he has been writing for the university’s journal, organized conferences and worked… but most of all he has always committed to respect and protect nature through his everyday behaviours.



Sensitive, scientific and hard-worker, Mathilde graduated in Mathematics at the Université de Montpellier, after an ERASMUS of one year in Azerbaijan. She devoted a lot of energies and time to voluntary work in Asia and Europe. Interested in computer sciences and music, she loves creating and sharing sustainable contents.

Always looking for adventures, she is a keen climber and loves the outdoors. She is convinced that our daily choices can actually make a difference, this is why she thinks and act sustainably: it’s time to take action!


The two met in French Alps – where they are based – and decided to launch this project in the hope for a change, even a small one.

If you wish to contact us, send us an email directly to etism.contact(@)gmail.com

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If you would like to share any projects related to sustainability with us, your welcome to contact us and we could make something together (we are available to promote sustainable places and projects in our website, through articles or podcast)